Mediterranean Landscape Design

Bring the Beauty of the Mediterranean to Your Own Backyard.

Mediterranean Home

Mediterranean landscape design is full of bright colors, terracotta veneer and water features.

It takes after the style found in cities along the Mediterranean Sea, with the beauty and classiness that comes with the Mediterranean Syle, it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular among homeowners here as well.


Elements Typically Found in a Mediterranean Home

Plaster Walls

Tiled Roof


Tuscan Columns

Rustic Wood

Mediterranean landscape design features several distinct elements that are typically found in most designs. You can expect to see gorgeous plaster walls that span the outside of a house or nearby walls. Additionally, you can also expect to see a tiled roof. There typically will also be stonework around the house, mimicking the handcrafted masonry in many of the buildings in Italy.

As you would find stonework in a Mediterranean landscape design, you would also see tuscan columns around the home. Lastly, rustic wood features are commonly sprinkled throughout this landscape style in the form of pergolas.


Materials Used in Mediterranean Landscape Design

Terra Cotta


Decomposed Granite



Certain materials distinguish the Mediterranean landscape design. Just like you would find in the Mediterranean region, there is often terra cotta materials used. There often times are also gravel and decomposed granite used as ground cover. Lastly, you can expect to find tile and travertine lacing the ground and walls of a Mediterranean style landscape.

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